The current setup of Drop3 uses both on-chain and off-chain products. Our objective is to be completely on-chain but that will take some time. For now the mix setup is enough to test the idea and reward the community that supports us, even if it has a lot of off-chain elements. The elements that make up our product are as follows:
The components as seen here are not all implemented and don't represent our final vision for the product. What they do show is what we currently have or are implementing and we will update this graph when our objectives change. Some examples of not yet implemented components are the Pallets, Ethereum verify bot, or using Web3Go to do user analysis for Anti-fraud measures. Reasons here range from we gave preference to Polkadot verification or they were not essential in the first step of this early version. What is there and we will be modifying over time is the Limited Custodial Wallet, which for now serves the purpose of making it easier to onboard users while we still developing and need user testing to move forward. This will late move to allowing users to connect their preferred wallet in their preferred chain and receive rewards directly there without the need for an intermediary step. Finally, even the already existing Bots won't stay as they are. The Discord bot, as mentioned before, is just the first UI tool for the project, but we expect to move towards a WebApp in the next iteration.