How does it work

We have setup a Discord server for Drop3 and created a bot called Drop3Bot. The combination of these two is the product we have created in order to run a Task-fi Airdrop system.
The Discord server serves the purpose of being a hub for projects to add tasks, for users to manage their management and in general as a channel for communication with the community.
The Drop3Bot works to help users flow through tasks, verifies their completion and later manages the distribution of rewards. User can interact with Drop3Bot in any channel that has a chat function enabled. Commands, listed in Drop3Bot's commands, are either channel-specific giving you information regarding that channel, and others work in any channel.
Our discord setup has several Channels divided into these categories: Important, Tasks and Contact.
  • Important: Has information about the product as well how to use it
  • Tasks: Channels have been setup for each tasks that we have available, so that users can easily learn from what others have done and for channel-specific commands to work effectively
  • Contact: Dedicated channels per topic to optimize communication with our team
To participate all users need to do is join the Discord server and start completing tasks.