Learning and improving takes time. We are committed to create real value for the community and not just another product. These are some of the definite steps we will be taking in the near future and some more conceptual that we are aiming for in the long run:
version 1 ----
objective: have a testable version that can be used by the polkadot community and can already reward users for their input and completion of tasks. This will allow us to learn more about the user experience of an airdrop product, onboarding projects and gather data to create a better user interface.

Discord server & bot

  • verify users are human
  • track invites in referral program
  • polkadot wallet connect
  • verify contribution to crowdloan
  • custodial wallet used for allocation but not ready for withdraw
  • bot can be setup by other projects in their own discord server for these same tasks
version 2 ----
objective: increase variety of reward types and connected chains to reach more users and enable more projects to use our product. Additional antifraud-measures to avoid bots taking rewards which could go to real users, guaranteeing projects that their rewards are contributing to the community and those who wish to participate, and in general adding confidence to increase quality of interactions and rewards.

New Chains & antifraud measures

Support additional mainstream blockchains and various asset types:
  • BSC / Polygon / Solana / Near / xDai
  • ERC20 / ENS / PNS / Polkadot
  • NFT ERC1155 / ERC721 / POAP / OpenSea
New measures to identify bot accounts and multiple-account users will be implemented like:
  • Knowledge graph
  • Rule engine
version 3 ----
objective: Apply our gathered knowledge to create a WebApp that brings all projects and users together and enables them to do more complex tasks with more on-chain validations; moving further away from relying on off-chain products and services. Having an interconnected community will be valuable to increase visibility of projects and to add value to the reputation/work put in by the users.

Launch WebApp focused on Web3

  • Fully functional WebApp that projects and users can use freely to setup tasks or accomplish them without needing the support of our development team.
  • Added option for Non-custodial wallets
  • Cross-chain runtime verification pallet
  • Wide access to polkadot ecosystem projects
versions beyond ----
objective: Apply the newly gathered experience from the WebApp to revamp it and establish an economy based on incentives for learning, developing and identity verification, backed by projects who wish to be discovered, adopted and grow.

Enabling the Crypto Economy

For users:
  • NFT Badges to verify capabilities, experiences and contributions
  • Team creation to tackle large projects composed of various tasks
  • Reputation building that can be displayed/used in other Web3 products and shared with users even via web2
For projects:
  • Establishing bounty programs ranging from bug hunting to product development
  • Community management and tokenized access to airdrops or tasks
  • Smart contracts to hire talent