What is Drop3?

a web3 community engagement tool

A new product that aims to create the preferred web3 community engagement tool where users carry out tasks to get their accounts and skills verified, and projects reward those users in order to get discovered and activate their Economies.
With Drop3, users also can discover new projects, learn new concepts and skills, become early adopters, establish an on-chain reputation and earn crypto assets like: coins, tokens and NFTs.
For projects, this not only represents an opportunity to be discovered, but also to educate the community, launch bounty programs and find contributors, give awards and recognize valuable members, establish an on-chain presence, as well as distributing crypto assets.

a Tech Product

From a technical perspective, Drop3 is Decentralized Cross-chain Airdrops, a middleware protocol for on-chain credit and reputation, and ultimately a new paradigm of substrate-based web3 TaskFi.

a Litentry Product

You can learn more about Litentry by joining their server: https://discord.gg/WR4RPTHjAz or going to their website: https://www.litentry.com/
Last modified 1yr ago