We've setup a few simple tasks for users to complete such as getting verified as a human, connecting your polkadot wallet, or following Drop3 on twitter. Our intention is to tackle different components of the Task-fi and Airdrop ecosystem to learn about implementing solutions for each type.

Human verification via Captcha

Verify that you are a human by using the Captcha bot in Discord. This is important in a basic sense, for projects to make sure they are not giving their tokens and NFTs to bots. But also to make sure their rewards end in the hands of those who are more likely to contribute to their community. And to learn more about Anti-fraud measures.

Wallet Connect

Connect your wallet via your browser's extension. Head to the"wallet-connect" channel in the "Tasks" group and talk to Drop3Bot, it will redirect you to our web app.
Please note: Drop3 will NEVER ask you for your seed! Connecting your wallet will allow us to deposit funds in the same account once the product is ready for withdraws and is also part of the verification/anti-fraud tasks.

Crowdloan Verification

After connecting your wallet you will be invited to the "crowdloan-verification" channel to verify your contribution to Litentry's Crowdloan for the Polkadot auction.
Learn more about the Crowdloan here: https://crowdloan.litentry.com/​

Referral Program

Go to the "referral-program" channel and create your personal invitation code. You will be rewarded for every person that joins this server and completes all tasks currently setup.


In the "socials" channel you will get a link to Drop3's gleam.io page, an external page where you will find a list of web2 tasks like "follow us on twitter" or "follow Litentry on Medium". For now we have opted not to create our own scraper solution to verify the completion of these tasks, as we want to focus on on-chain verification first. Nevertheless, as it is important to many projects involved in Airdrops, we decided to implement these tasks to learn about web2 task completion.


In the "Wallet" channel you can check what your balance is for the completed tasks. You can also choose to withdraw and send the balance to your respective wallet. This Limited Custodial Wallet service is intended to keep things simple for those new to crypto, and it's safety is our priority.
Please take into consideration the following:
  • your balance may not be up to date as some tasks may take longer to get verified and thus it might be lower than it really is.
  • depending on what chain your wallet is, it might not be worth transferring your balance until you have completed all tasks. (e.g. ETH gas fees could be higher than your balance).
So all in all, the current (and first) version of our product is dedicated to serve the Polkadot community and reward those who are participating in the crowdloan. We expect to implement this bot within the server of other projects involved in the crowdloan before the end of Batch 2 so they can also take advantage of the setup to reward their community.